Music is good for your health

I read online that music, it can be good for health, that in several ways. Music not only involves hearing but also many other parts of the brain, including areas responsible for movement, language, attention, memory and emotion. No other stimulus engages our brains as much as music does according to Brian Harris, certified neurological music therapist. Activation occurs when we listen to music, play an instrument or sing, even if it's just in the car or shower.

Music can also change brain chemistry, changes that can also bring benefits to cardiovascular health, several different studies show.

 For example, studies have found that listening to music can:

  • Make it possible for people to train longer on treadmills or exercise cycles.
  • Improve blood vessel function by relaxing the arteries.
  • Help heart rate and blood pressure levels return to normal, faster after physical exertion.
  • Relieve anxiety in those affected by a heart attack.
  • Help people recover from heart surgery and feel less pain and anxiety.


Best is your own music taste

Which music is the best then? Research suggests that music we ourselves choose may have more beneficial effect than music chosen by someone else. According to the American Music Therapy Association, music elicits response based on recognition, predictability, and the feelings of security and security brought about by it. Another way to relax is to try playing at a New Jersey Casino. If you win, you can get a good feeling throughout the body.

21 May 2019